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    Unhappy Help Needed:2002 GTX DI Seadoo going into maintenance mode only at low RPM's

    I have a 2002 GTX DI Seadoo that keeps going into maintenance mode only at low RPM's.

    I am hoping someone else has had this problem and can shed some light on what I need to do to fix the machine.

    If you drive it 3/4 or full troddle it will not go into maintenance mode but if you drive slow and cruise around it will go into maintenance mode.

    If you remove your key it will re-set the maintenance mode and you can go again.

    I took it to the dealer and had it scanned and no codes in the MPEN and also had the key reprogrammed and still it does the same I even changed the battery, spark plugs and cleaned the exhaust sensor and still same problem.

    This machine just had a complete re-build. Any suggestions would be helpful



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    put a voltmeter on the battery with the ski off... then start the ski and rev it up

    make sure the DCV increases when revving it...

    the DI motors kick a MAINT message and go into limp mode low rpms when the voltage regulator stops working..... pretty common failure i see often

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    Checked the voltage with ski off 13 volts. Started it up charging perfect. When I rev the ski up the voltage in crease to 14.5 -15them reduces. Any other suggestions to try would be a great help.

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    I do believe I have the same problem with my RXDI any body out there got any ideas?

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    What is a maintenance mode ... If its just the display saying MAINT there is nothing wrong. It needs the maint timer reset in Buds or just ignore it.

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    Replaced the voltage regulator and also took the air pump apart and replaced the gasket because it was milky(gas and water was mixing) still goes into maint mode with no beep only flashing mait and light on and still goes into limp mode. If you start off easing the troddle to speed up it will go into maint mode at 20 mh or between 4000 and 4300 rmp. Reved disk key and maint will go off. If you give it full troddle from the start it will not go into maint mode. I am getting very fustrated at this machine. Took it to the dealer and no codes in the mpen.

    Need Help


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    Hi Clay..
    I had an 02 gtx di that I bought new.. I sold it this summer.
    Last year it drove me NUTS.. intermittent limp modes, etc.. BS
    I replaced fuel filter, rave valves, rave vlv solenoids, voltage reg.,
    plugs, etc .. even replaced the Stator on recommendation of dealer.
    What an expensive pain in the ass... wasn't the problem..
    In 02 di models, the pump is shit.. BRP has changed their supplier
    of fuel pumps because of this. I think 03's are bad too.
    A new fuel pump from seadoo is now produced by a diff supplier.
    They are expensive-- about $700.. Not hard to put in at all.
    I finally bit the bullet and replaced mine last August..
    Guess what, all the bullshit solved. I'm guessing this is your issue
    as well. These DI engines are extremly sensative about fuel
    pressure & volume at all operating rpms' and loads.. Very hard
    to diagnose. But I am fairly confident that after 5 seasons, your
    pump is shot (not that is wasn't shitty 5 years ago!)
    Good luck.

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    My wife rides a 2002GTXdi, usually once everytime we ride the maintanace flashes and it beeps. I have tryed resetting it with no luck it has never went into limp mode. It has no pattern of low or high speed causing it. Drives me crazy I like everything right when she's riding.

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    my 1998 gtx-rfi is also throwing a MAINT message

    I suspect the fuel pump, since it ran on the hose with no problems, and just started tossing the MAINT message after it's first lake trial ( it has other issues as it didn't run over 3500 rmp even at WOT).

    The rave check valve seems bad, I have a repalcement on the way. A brande new WSM regualrtor took a crap within minutes but the replcement (I buy those in pairs for stock since I never trust a new electrical part) seeem to be charging ok. All sensors ohm out OK, so I'm hoping I can confirm a fuel pump problem ( as much as I'm goning to have to hate to pony up for one, this ski did crank right up after sitting for 30 months uncovered outside, with a little fresh gas in the tank, so it's a wear item.

    besides a new fuel pump isn't really a bad thing to have when I'm out on the lake solo.

    i really need a buds system here, at leat to make keys, had a guy with a speedster call last weekend, his keys went overboard in 90 feet of water, and of course no spare. Besides the tow in, his wife was really pissed for some reason when I told them I couldn't help and they would have to tow the boat 300 miles round trip (and the area dealer doesn't do anything "same day" from what I hear).

    I may swap in my sapre MPEM and key to see if that MAINT message is a timer issue or now, but the clock shows around 170 hours, not something I recal as a maint interval.

    on the other hand, the beeper on this ski was removed I can guess it was an ongoing issue.

    I do have to pull the top end however..damm head/base gasket is leaking water.

    At least the 4-tecs let you pull an error code without buds.

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    I have the same problem. Where is the voltage regulator? The "in town" mechanic said it was part of the electronic module. Parts was $902.00 plus labor. All I want is the voltage regulator.

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