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    ultra 150 with tripple pipes help

    hi ive got a 2000 model ultra 150 an ive got factory tripple pipe an factory cdi to put on it everything esle is stock for now but alot of people are saying that i cant run tripple pipes on 98 pump gas i have to use race gas is this tru or can i change the head . thanks

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    With stock compression you can run 91+ pump gas.

    The Factory Pipe CDI you have is setup to run pump or race gas. It should have come with 2 jumpers one white and one green.

    Check on factory pipes website to see which one is pump or race gas.

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    You will be fine with pump gas. The green plug goes in place of the air temp sensor the white one is the race gas plug. It isnt used unless you are going to run race gas.

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