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    Exclamation GP1300R problem, need help please.

    Hello, first off all, my name is Rodrigo, i`m in terceira island, azores portugal.

    My uncle as a 2005 wave runner GP1300R with a problem, e and we need your help. The ski has 75 hours of use.

    I will try to describe the symptoms,

    In early summer my uncle was driving in the ski, and it was ok.
    then few days later, we went out again, and the ski was not good, onle can get up to 45mph.
    we went out for 2 or 3 times, and was always the same problem, 45mph was the max speed.

    Then we catch a peace of plastic around the drive shaft. take the plastic out, and appeared another symptom.
    we are driving the ski normaly (only up to 45mph) and then the suddenly the revs stard dropping and the ski can only get up to 13 or 16mph, starting to shake, and making a strange noise.

    if we turn the ski off for 5 or 10 minutes, and ride it again, it is ok ( not realy ok, because it can only go up to 45mph, but better than the 13mph).

    if i ride the ski now, it will ride up to 45mpd for 5 or 10 minutes, and will start dropping revs again.

    it`s always like that, a litle bit better, then gets worse.

    wen we hit the start button, cold or warm, it starts at first time.

    all parts in the ski are stock, no mods.

    we already change spark plugs,
    checked fuel pump and cleaned them.
    we made a diagnostic on the dash display, e the reading was 01 (normal)

    we need help desperately, because we do not have good mechanics on the island, and those that exist are not trustfull, and yamaha has no assistance here.

    thank you

    PS: sorry my english, i tried to write the best we knew.

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    hi and welcome to GH

    i would have a look at the cat con in the stinger,they fall apart and can turn sideways in the stinger and its common for this about 70 hours,

    do a search to locate the cat con and how to remove..

    i cant understand why the cat would cause speed diffrence from 13 mph to 45 mph but who knows how they act

    i would wait for a few hours till some of the gpr gods log on and chime in

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    I would recomend a compression check!

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    welcome to the forum

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    the compression has been checked, it´s ok

    i will take a look at the cat con,

    thank you

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    Pauls right

    Cat Con has had it day replace it with a D plate.

    Cheaper and better option

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    Fark knows mate im having the same symptoms i guess, i have left it with Yamaha ATM to see what they say.

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