I installed a new set of boysen reeds on my 1996 SL900 last year the thing didn't run as well. It wouldn't top out 5400 rpms out of the hole was slow and it ran rich, fouled the plugs. I started by rejetting the carbs from 138 jets to 125 jets it stopped fouling the plugs and the rpms increased to 5700 but still not the 6300 that I was getting before the reeds. I dropped the jets down to 122 is still wasn't getting over 5800 rpms and when I throddled up from 3800 it jumps up to 5000 rpms I could not get it to stay in the rpm range between 3800 & 5000 rpms which it didn't do with the 125 jets I left the 122 jets in. I went on a 70 mile river ride and I noticed if I eased the throddle up a little at a time I could get a little more out of it 6050 rpms but if I opened the throddle all the way it boggs back down to 5800 rpms. I've been through compression checks 135, 137, and 132 psi. I checked the fuel filters and lines. I'm at a loss.