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    Differece in mph in full/empty fuel tank?

    I have never got to run a speed pass(gps) with it almost empty and the engine cool. Its hot here+with my BIG A**(275lbs). 68.6mph with a full tank and the engine warm(just a few minutes of riding)

    How much difference in speed with 1-2 bars showing?
    Thanks guys

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    I see a 2-3 mph gain when fuel is low

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    Quote Originally Posted by driveumhard View Post
    I see a 2-3 mph gain when fuel is low
    +1 and i am 235 lbs. I dont think the total weight is so much of an issue as just getting the weight out of the nose of the hull (gas tank) to raise the front to get the hull out of the water for more top end.

    Thats why some see good speeds with 2 up.

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    I'm 120kg I GPSed 68.6 with full tank on T-X with R&D grate,plenum and Free flow exhaust.... mate who is 80kgs wet GPSed same on my ski......Top speed increased as the fuel dissapeared ended up at 70.1 with 1/4 tank.......

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    8 lbs for every gallon i believe. i dont know about top speed..i seem to peak out 73.2 after a half tank. i do know that it feels more responsive with little fuel in it..

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    gallon of gas weighs about 6.1 pounds

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    thanks guys few more questions

    thanks guys i added another topic if you can help with your opinion
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