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    MSX150 6000 RPM Check Engine Light

    I am a newer ski owner and this is my first visit to this site. I only have about 1/4 - 1/2 throttle that will get me up and runnning, any more and the turbo makes a releasing sound and then the engine is limmited even further (with the check engine light coming on). If I pull the lanyard out, then put it back in, start the engine, I will have power again back to 6000 RPM, but again, can not go full throttle.

    The waste gate was frozen up about a month ago, but it was suposedly fixed. The temperature sensor was also replaced. I tried to reset the ECU by the procedure in the book and no luck with the problem. I've found similar problems in previous posts, but none seem to be just like this. NOBODY in the Daytona Beach area wants to work on Polaris's. Bout ready to sell it and take the loss.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Do you personally know that the gate is moving? If it was stuck before, and you haven't got into a routine of 'oiling' it, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't getting bulky again.

    Let us know....

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    Rocky Road,
    I am having the problem of not excedding 5900rpm, 47 mph. The check engine light comes on for the first 0-20mph then goes off. Waste gate moves too. Could this be something else with the waste gate, maybe an injector problem?? My problem and this one may be similar. thanks logan

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    Barry Motor Sports in Lakeland Florida will work on the MSX 150, I had mine in there last winter for the same problems you guys are describing.

    The bad news is they couldn't tell me exactly what the problem was, the good news while it was costly they replaced a couple of different sensors and that seemed to fix it.

    Best of luck...

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