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    GPR Battery replacement...

    Hello everyone.

    Quick question, to someone that knows it!

    Can I replace battery in my 03 GPR1300 with Odyssey PC680 instead of Odyssey PC625 ??

    or atleast use it for a weekend until i get the Odyssey PC625 since I already have the Odyssey PC680 right now of my car ??

    thanks to all....

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    the only concern i really have is that my Odyssey PC680 is slimer than Odyssey PC625 and it looks like PC625 is designed for PWC compare to PC680 that doesnt mention a word about water or PWC.

    what do you think about that ?


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    The 680 is actually a little better of a battery. The reason it doesn't mention PWC is probably just because of it's size. As long as you can strap it down, it should work fine.

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