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    trailer tires are shot

    Check out the wear on my trailer tires. The stock Load Star 550's are shot and will need to be replaced before winterizing. Both tires have major wear on both inner and outer edges.

    I'm sure these are not high end trailer tires, but is this sort of wear normal? Tires need replaced; it's no big deal. I haven't done much in the way of trailer maintence since buying the boat new in 07, so just wanting to make sure problem is not a trailer issue. I would estimate I've put ~10K miles on the trailer.

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    Looks to me like there was not enough air pressure.....i check mine monthly

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    I thought tire pressure could be culprit as well, but I make a habit of checking tire pressure prior to long tow trips (twice monthly).

    One point to note is that I pull the boat through some curvy Ozark hills at 55+mph I thought possibly the "rolling" motion that occurs when turning at higher speeds may have contributed to the problem.

    As long as the trailer/axles are not the culprit, it's no big deal! Thanks for the reply

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    Put the pressure at what the max is on the side wall,, you ran them under inflated.

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    Those tires show signs of under inflation.

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    Actually I think those are first quality tires....

    They were underinflated. Dont feel bad though I did the same thing a couple years ago.

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    go for Goodyear Marathon Radials

    I have them on my double Shorlander great over
    3K miles or so, no discernable wear. Plus you get better shock
    absorbtion. Mine say they were made in New Zealand.
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