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    Filled ride plate holes!

    I dont have a GPS yet but still this should be worth something. My Ski would top out per the speedo 65 mph. Well I filled in the Ride plate/intake grate holes with silicone just to see if there is any improvement. I was surprized We went to the lake today and I though it would be a good time to test it out. It was a nice day with just a little chop. I had 4 bars on the Fuel gauge so it was time to see what it would do. The ski went to 67 mph and then finally hit 68 mph after streching it out for a few more seconds. I was really surprized. I new this was a free mod but never really expected it to work so well. I highly recommend it!


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    Some else to try

    Two things that worked well for me:
    1 adjust the throttle cable for WOT.
    2 cut the trim on the right side for more air flow.
    Each gave me 80-90 rpms for free.
    Indexing the plugs gave maybe 10-20 rpms for 25$.
    I lost about 30 rpms when I changed to iridium spark plugs, got to do some more testing to figure this one out.

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