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    Overheating 92 GTX what can I use to dissolve blockage

    I need some recommendations on how to clean out debris in the coolant areas. I have blasted air through all openings and it runs through the intake nozzles on the exhaust and comes out the top of the engine and out the water exhaust opening. When I put air on the exhaust side it comes out all the openings as well. That is except the smaller exhaust line under the manifold. Either way I blow air I get nothing out of this. I took off the elbow and it was clogged. I cleared it, but air still doesn't come out from the hole on the manifold even when I blast it from the other coolant areas. I tried pushing a piece of wire up but it didn't feel clogged at the opening. I tried blowing air up into it as well.

    Is there a way to pour something to dissolve any corrosion/buildup in this area? Or do I have to take off the manifold? I ask because there is a stripped bolt I found holding the manifold on, so I will have to pull engine to get that out.


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    Alright, I got the manifold off, and cleared the blockage. I used muratic acid to dissolve.

    Does anyone have anything else I should do prior to putting back together?

    Also any input on if a blockage at the bottom of the manifold coolant exhaust line could cause the engine to overheat since there is another exhaust line on the far side of the engine, (and I checked its not blocked) when I run with a hose on the stand water flows through it and comes out the pissers at the rear of the ski. Plus I have pulled off and visually checked...

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