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    salt water or not

    just built an engine sl 780 got about 2 hrs on breakin going to try to put about 10 on it and head for the coast (port a texas ) every body i talk to says dont take it in the salt let me get some input new to skis thanks for any help

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    no reason not to. just rinse. there are skis on here that have never seen fresh water

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    Just go have fun- and when your done rinse it out and clean up real good with car wash soap-don't forget the trailer and they'll wont be any different than any other ski as mine are years and years down the road

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    procedure on cleaning the skii after using on salt water/????

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    welcome to the forum

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    Salt water - protecting your engine and PWC

    Quote Originally Posted by lanceknny View Post
    just built an engine SL 780 got about 2 hrs on break-in going to try to put about 10 on it and head for the coast (port a Texas ) every body i talk to says don't take it in the salt let me get some input new to skis thanks for any help
    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Polaris 1992-1998 Service Manual is here.

    Many Polaris PWC are operated in salt water. The key is to maintain a thorough flushing and cleaning regimen after each ride. Salt water plus poor maintenance = trouble.

    Make sure you install a reverse flush kit on your engine, and know how it works. First two attached photos (Polaris brand, and aftermarket version).

    If the thermostat assembly on the end of the water manifold bar is intact and working, then you just need to connect the garden hose. If you have not done so, take the thermostat assembly apart, and make sure it is in good condition inside.

    If the thermostat or pressure bypass plunger are not present, then you need to clamp off the water exit hose to force the flushing water to run backwards through the engine cooling system.

    Engine flush procedure
    Ensure that through-hull bearing has been greased with waterproof grease. Should do this after every ride in salt water, to ensure no water has crept past the rear seals. Just a little grease is needed each time. You can see it creep past the front shaft seal if you rotate the drive shaft coupler cover out of the way.

    Start engine before water flow.

    Within 10 seconds or so of engine start, start water flow

    Run engine for two minutes MAXIMUM. A minute is actually plenty of flushing time.

    Shut off water flow FIRST

    Burp the throttle firmly a couple of times to push excess water out of the exhaust waterbox. Shut engine down.

    One good system is the Salt-Away flushing kit, which injects a special anti-salt chemical into the engine cooling system. It dissolves the salt, and leaves a coating which resists corrosion.

    Before or after you have flushed the engine, rinse the entire engine and jet pump assembly (inside and out) with fresh water, or Salt-Away+water.

    Wipe it down or let it dry, then spray a protective film over the exposed metal parts and linkages.

    Many here use Fluid Film, and you can get a free sample can via Green Hulk member Dano50. You don't need a heavy film, just a thin spray.

    Do not use WD-40, or any other petroleum based solvent spray. Those can degrade rubber and plastic parts over time.

    Tip; If you unwind the trailer winch strap a few turns, then latch it, you can slide the ski backwards on the trailer a few inches to reduce tongue weight to near zero, then lift the trailer nose up high. This makes it easier to drain water out of the hull after rinsing.

    Check for the condition of your sacrificial anode, which is mounted on the jet pump. It protects against corrosion of the aluminum jet pump parts while you are in the water.

    Wash and rinse the rest of the hull and upper exterior, making sure to flush into the crevices and such, including the seat top and bottom.

    You can apply a good quality wax for more shine and less water spotting, if you desire.
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    Excellent info

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    I agree............................................. ....dude ive been riding out of the Marina Del Rey.........................its been great..........! Also Pyramid.....!

    Quote Originally Posted by pirate33 View Post
    Excellent info

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