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    Help me please tired of searching

    68.6mph(8100-8150rpms) has been my best. that was with light chop and a full tank.I ride in NE texas lakes(med -light chop sometimes glass). I have a homemade 4"rear air and catchcan,OPAS block offs and 14/19 prop. The trim gauge was 1 bar from top. when it was at the top it dropped .2-.3mph(maybe a fluke)

    I want more speed(best bang for the buck). I searched intake grates and the sticky for neebies. If 1 tells you it would help there are 2 others that say it hurt.. what to do?

    I haven't installed my rear thru exhaust yet,160 stat mod and debating on waterbox mod(don't know if i want the extra noise from box). I am waiting on filling in the hole depending on what everybody opinion is on a grate.

    What grate if any RIVA?
    How about a 2 degree wedge?
    Remove nose cone from prop?
    Replace wear ring with Stainless steel?(mine was alittle scorn I turned it around)
    EX IC(I was told to change to a 15/20 prop)
    Reduction nozzle?

    I would like to hit 74-75mph with the stock SC wheel.

    Thanks guys

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    Hey there JP. 75 with the stock wheel is a little bit of a push, but you can come real close. Here are a few things you can try....

    1) free mods. Fill all the rideplate holes with a marine epoxy. -And then sand them smooth. Shave the center "half-moon" portion of your reverse bucket so you do not block any of your exit spray.

    2) Oil. Never over fill it. 1/3 stick when cold -max.

    3) Pump wedge: Riva 2.0 works well with rxp. 2.5 is too much.

    4) Riva intake grate is well-liked on the forum. The stock one might be a tad faster, but you will fight to stay hooked as you run further beyond 70.

    5) trim. I run a wedge on all my skis and as far as I can remember, I never put my trim that high to get max speed. The wedge plus 1 or possibly 2 ticks is all you should go.

    6) Intake grate: Inspect the rear of your intake grate to be sure it does hang down below your rideplate causing drag. If you need to adjust/replace the grate, be sure to use a heat gun on the bolts before you put a socket on them.

    7) OPAS Blockoffs: Make sure the blockoffs are not hanging down below the hull line. (sand them if necessary) Use "Ultra-black" permatex to seal up the gap all the way around the blockoffs and the hull.

    8 ) props:4 blades are the top speed props. A Solas 15/20 4 blade is very popular, but probably too heavy for a stock s/c setup that you're looking to run.

    9) I/c: I would recommend an external intercooler if you choose to change your s/c. Otherwise leave it til then.

    10) S.S. wear ring: no speed gain. don't need it.

    11) impeller nose cone: if in fresh water, run without it. salt...leave it on just to be safe. small, small gain anyhow.

    12) thermostat: again, only change it when you step up the s/c. Bigger s/c typically = more heat.

    I have a friend who runs this exact setup. 73.3 best @ 8100-8150.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for some info. I guess it would be worth it for a intake grate so you stayed hook. Here lately it seems to start boucing alot once it gets up to speed. I not sure if I should lean back more(or to much). Still figuring out this jet ski thing. I saw that there was a topic on shimming the rear ride plate..I will wait until I change grates.

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