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    Fuel Regulator & More Boost

    Hey Guys,

    I purchased a R12X in feb and have completed the following mods
    Macsboost Chip
    Macsboost Intercooler
    Macsboost 19psi tube
    Solas 17/29 prop

    I run 98 Octane and use Nulon Pro stenth octane boost in every tank which gives about another 8 points increase on 95. I run Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 and run Nulon Teflon additive and the oil is changed every 10 hours

    I am trying to get some more perfomance out of it and not having much luck. I have tried a Turbosmart boost-tee but at 4000RPM where it used to run about 5psi it runs 15 and through the rev range it splutters and does not run well. It is fine under full throttle but I get the FI warning after about 10 seconds. Currently running about 20. A few people have sugested a rising rate fuel regulator will fix this but Im unsure on what to do next to get some more go out of it
    Any advise would be really appreciated.

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    Sounds like you need new spark plugs....NGK IMR9D-9H (stock # 6544)

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    put gauges on your bike I remember alot of people blownig their motors trying to boost blindfolded and you are going past the boost limit when you start to bleed with the t. Macs chip allows for no more than 19psi

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