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    fues issue 4 tec

    had a strange issue yesterday,, on one of my 02 gtx 4tec skies.
    the 5 amp fuse for the e m s/ start circut keeps blowing, havent had a chance to get in and look but I wondered if anyone has had this happen and can save me some time by guiding me in the right direction as to what to check first,, thanks !!

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    i know on later models the starter and fuel pump share a fuse so unplugging the tank unit would allow you to put a fuse in. have you unplugged the solenoid and tried it?

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    thanks for the effort,, I have been testing things all day and it comes down to a bad E C U module,, tried it on my other skie and blew the fuse as soon as I plugged in the dess key

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    also just found that it wiped out my mepm, or the other way around..

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