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    SoFlaRiders- Barbaro's Big Jump- Gustav Waves at us

    The South Florida Riders own Juan "Barbaro" Malen makes the best SoFlaRiders jump of the year. Hurricane Gustav whipped up the waves to 5-7 and higher on Sunday August 31, 2008 at Government Cut in Miami.

    One video is called "Big Ones for the Big Ones", this is the video that Juan's jump was taken from:

    The second video is a close up of Juan's jump:

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    You guys NEED an X4 in your group. As impressed as I was with that RXP jump.. we X4 guys do 180 nose stabs higher than that. I'll ride with you if I'm ever in the Miami area. We are looking at waterfront homes in Lauderdale now so we might be there soon.

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    do you have any videos 800x?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rampage View Post
    do you have any videos 800x?
    Not rich enough.

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    I thought ya`ll boyz were shooting video of wave jumping. Gustav?,,,went out saturday before Katrina hit here. We got a lil air.

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    I guess when you weigh just over 400lbs, you should get air. The RXP is 360lbs heavier!!!

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