I know he has screwed and tried to screw a couple members here and he was banned for ungentlemanly behavior.
Back in mid-July I bought a nozzle from this guy and I still haven't received it. He sent a a pair of sponsons instead. I was cordial and tried to work with him. I mailed the sponsons to the person who had allegedly received my parts but I still haven't received the parts I order and Shane Smith is such a limp dick he won't even respond to my e-mails as to the location of my parts. I have emails documenting him admitting his mistake and supporting the events as I have described them but no parts.
I got Paypal involved and ended up opening a fraud case against him for not sending the correct parts.
Paypal is reluctant to really push this unless the item was purchased on ebay.
So to really make this clown stand and face the music, anybody who has purchased anything from him and paid with Paypal and you feel the item wasn't described accurately (regardless if purchased with or without Ebay), call Paypal's Customer Service Number and give them your story.
Paypal has started a fraud investigation on him and the more evidence, then better, especially over thed passed six months.