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    It seems as of latley we have not had any overstuff issues....And as there are more and more people on here I expect that so far people are being safer by keeping there trim down and keeping the nose of the boat down.

    Or the Holes being drilled are working but I have heard that this is not the issues really.

    Or the intake grates are helping as I have heard about modifing the aftermarket grates.

    So far when I ride and Test I do not what so ever bring the VTS above 1 Click above center. So far this has been ok for me. As I have an R&D about to go on and now I am getting into a place I dont want to be in....LIKE TOSSING MY BUTT OFF AT TOP SPEED.

    So what has everyone done....I think we need to revisit this again......As we have not heard of issues in awhile it sounds like something is working or we are staying away from the magic issue that causes it.....I really think that Jawz and RXPSTAN have been a part of this issues for awhile and have come up with the one thing that everyone needs to pay attention to. And when attitude of ski plays a role I think they are right... Ride plate angle is key but what about you factory ride plate guys what are you doing. Shimming, keeping trim down...????????????

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    I went to 1/2 inch holes in bottom of the ride plate to help extend where it overstuffs. The 3/8 holes would still overstuff at 78.4-78.6mph. I've been 78-79mph and had it only overstuff once when I chopped the throttle hard on glass water. Since then, I went to a Riva ECU, 50#injecters, valve train upgrade and hopefully extended the point where it overstuffs since now I'm at 8500rpm instead of 8060 where the prop wasn't processing all that water at those speeds. If you change the rideplate angle and injest more water into the tunnel is where it causes a bunch of issues at speeds in excess of 77mph.

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    my brother (beachbum0286) runs 80 trimed up and has not had overstuff problems issues at these speeds. He has the holes drilled aswell. but this does not mean the holes fix everything so please still be cautious when your speeds excide 70

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