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    Stan and Beth Hightower are AMAZING people, and Kerry too.

    I want to thank Stan and Beth for their help in Nashville over the weekend. I had more boat problems than you can imagine all weekend. All three of my GPR's had something freaky go wrong at some point.

    I had one boat that had issues that no one could figure out. Stan and Beth spent hours on Friday trying to figure it out and even consulted Kerry Hibdon via phone to come up with ideas. As result, they decided that although it was new, the flywheel was suspect. So, Stan and Beth drove 45 minutes to meet Kerry who had a spare and also drove 45 minutes to meet halfway to get a flywheel for me. I'm sure they would have preferred to enjoy a nice dinner hanging out with friends.

    I've always been a big fan of these guys and love racing with Stan, as most people know, but they really went over and above for me this weekend. Thank you guys!


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    I can not remember going anywhere when those guys were not helping
    someone or working on someone elses skis all night.

    I also went to Nashville last year. What an awesome park.

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    Yes, Stan and Beth are great people! Stan has taught me and Wilmer soooo much it is not even funny! I have enjoyed being his teammate.

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    Stan is also one of a handfull of the BEST tuners in the country! And top 2 in the country on handling.

    It goes W/O saying that if you can make an X handle or a know your skit! And very few work as hard!

    Thanks Stan for all you doo....this ____ for you!

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    Stan and Beth two of the best people out there that will help you out in any way they can.

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