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    wanna buy one but

    I would love to buy a ultra 250 but ive heard some bad things about them. I own a ZX-10 and coulnd be more happy with it so i guess im confident in the kawi products. I have seen some things on here and heard things from other people that kinda sway that confidence though. I guess im just lookin for some reasurance from the guys who own them. Thanx!!

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    Welcome aboard.

    What have you heard about them?
    Where do you ride? Lake or Ocean?

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    All I can say is that if I had it to do over again, I would.

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    All I can say is dont get a Ultra250X, I wouldnt do it over again, go with something reliable like a Yami, shyt even a seadoo is more reliable.

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    My 2008 has been so far trouble free and no issues or GIO. The 07's were first year machine and as such had it's share of issues as almost any first year machine has. They seemed to have ironed out most of the issues for 08 but I would still encourage purchase of an extended Kawi warranty. Disregard posts as above for obvious reasons...they have sold thousands of these things most have been good machines however there are a few pretty ugly stories out there. I would look at the others for reasons beyond reliability (weight of machine, handling, fuel consumption etc) bang for the buck though it is hard to argue the performance vs cost issue.

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    Just know this Kawi doesnt put the same quality in their jetskis as they do their bikes. Just look for yourself at the troubles its easy to see in the forum. Have fun XOXOX

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    Ive heard the superchargers like to lock up in salt water and a few guy on here have had some problems like running issues and what not. I will be rideing in the ocean mostly so that could be a problem. I am a mechanic so im sure i could figure out most of the problems i might have and a friend of mine is a kawi tech. I just dont wanna buy something thats gunna leave me stranded every other weekend.

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    GIO is only an issue on 07 and a few 08. but overall great ski

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    If your bud's a Kawi Mech. He or She should hopefully be able to give you some insite on the ski. I realy love mine. You won't find one better to handle the rough of the ocean. I ride on a lake that consistantly has 3-4' chop on the weekends and I couldn't imagine being on anything else.

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    Well as i said i am a kawi guy and i would love to have a blue ski in the driveway that will match my ZX-10 lol. I understand that every one has an oppinion and thats cool i just wanted 2 hear from the kawi guy about it all. All of my friends with skis have yama and most of them have been to the dealer a few times lately lol. Ive been leaning twards the 250 for a while and i guess im just doin my research. I appreciate all the info!!!

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