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    Need Advise With Turbo or Super Charger Set Up

    Guys as we all know i have very slow project which i just heard is slowly coming along.

    I need advice on a different matter if i wish to go Turbo how reliable is this for social riding around and how reliable at WOT for a long period of time.

    I ve seen lots of Turbo set ups like Duke and others but read its been build for drag racing my concern is long WOT and heat don t want the thing to catch on fire.

    For example here in Australia we have race called teh bridge to bridge runs for 38mils non stop through a river at WOT how will the turbo handle it.

    Last year we had a triple GPR enter 4 Stage 3 RXPs and 1 turbo 15F they all crossed the line which is credit to the skis them selves.

    Where my concerns are is
    What ECU is need for a Turbo
    What intercooler
    What size injecters
    Turbo boost
    What engine mods need to be done to handle it

    I dont want a big set up just a reliable set up but coming from a 2 stroke back ground i have no idea whats need, or shoudl i just stick with a super charger set up.

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    IMO - The guys that put the turbo set ups together have great skills ,creativity and know how. They dont give themselves enough credit.

    The one thing that is proven is the straight swap will put you @ 80. Get a ski in good running order then mod it. I know that is what I plan on doing. No reason to think a strong SC boat cant do 90 and be reliable.

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    Ok your best 3 people to talk to are
    Stickem, hydrojunkie, and engineermike.

    Stickem(aka Frank) was the first person to bring a turbo kit to market and has sold over 100 examples of this kit. He would beable to tell you about reliability of the set up at WOT for long periods.

    Hydrojunkie, produces a line of headers for PWC and is working on a Turbo kit(in testing) it will be fully water jacketed form engine to outlet, and would have the ability to withstand long periods of WOT

    Engineermike is currently going 82 mph on a stock Sea Doo ECU and a 20 year old salvage turbo. He has forgotten more about turbos than most of us will ever know.

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    Very loaded question Mike!!

    Frank and I recently built a turbo RXT for an endurance race( 38miles I think). Boat ran great and flawless except for the last stretch on the last lap where the aftermarket fuel rail failed. The 06 RXT ran a stock bottom end with a Riva ECU, pump gas and GPSed at 82mph with 16 pounds of boost.

    Yes there is more heat invlolved but it can be delt with. The turbo itself is basically indestructable and has 1000s of hours use before it needs rebuilt. However plumbing detail is increased along with support requirements.

    Turbo boost is also a lot more efficient then S/C boost. 15 pounds on the conversion we just built actually scares the piss right out of ya. WIth all the toys I've built from drag cars, drag bikes, dirt bikes, etc., nothing accellerates like this. 25 to 90 takes maybe 2 seconds!!!

    Recreational standpoint, I'd have to go with the S/C. Nothing smooth about the power band on a turbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post
    Recreational standpoint, I'd have to go with the S/C. Nothing smooth about the power band on a turbo.

    Smooth is boring!!

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    If the turbo was water cooled and water jacketed exuast will the Turbo hold out for long peroiod of time at WOT.

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