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    RIVA Boyesen Reed Stuffer Kit Do They Really Work I Need Some Info

    Do the Reed Stuffer really work i dont know anything about this kit i trying to do some mods to my ski i will apreciated any info thanks..

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    ME to, I want to get some for my GPR.

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    for my money I would buy spacer plate to pull reeds back and uncover boost port-but thats just me

    later cd

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    They make good wheel chocks for your trailer, go with the spacer plate and if you really want some punch add the VF3 reeds too.

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    I ran reed stuffers and a spacer with the 1300 OEM reeds on my 1200 motor it worked fine. Of course this was only until I found a set of VF-III reeds which are the best. I see James K has a set of VF-III's for sale right now $350 someone needs to jump on them at that price $200 savings.

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    The reed stuffer kit works good on the ski, I put them on my first GPR and could feel the power.... however, I agree with the rest; if you are going to spend the money, get the reed spacer plate and the VF III's.... huge midrange power increase, as opposed to mild gains with the reed stuffers.

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    I took mine out..cant tell any differance,,,,I have vf3 reeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOODOO View Post
    They make good wheel chocks for your trailer, go with the spacer plate and if you really want some punch add the VF3 reeds too.
    Haha... Wheel chocks! Good one!

    Okay, for my 760 I found these:

    Also, there is a spacer kit for the 760:

    I am assuming by the paert numbers that the reeds are VF2's.... Wonder what I should do?
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