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    Angry Gpr1300 Breaking Down

    Hello everyone, I have a 2008 Gp1300 with 56 hours on it, I have recently had the throttle cable replaced under warranty and up untill now this ski has been awesum. For some reason my ski keeps breaking down after i do a jump usually, it runs great for a while and then feels like it drops 2 cylinders for a bit then seems to run good again for a while, i have replaced the plugs and checked gaps but i am no better off. When i have held the self check button in the only code to come up is 01 which i know is fine. Its a very similar feeling to the jet pump sucking air when it happens whilst going fast, this has also happend to my friends ski which is exactly the same ski, but sadly after arguing with yamaha that there was something wrong with it he took it out and lost power next too a reef and has now been without it for 5 months whilst they fix it.
    I had a 2007 Gp1300 also which i sold to a mate and he has had no problems with it at all.
    Could this be the Catalitic converter?????
    Could this be a faulty lead????
    Sounds silly i know, it does seem to be electrical but i have no idea what it is and neither do Australian Yamaha Dealers.

    Someone please help.

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    Hey bud,

    Welcome to the forum. Wish I could help you but your definately in the right place. Where abouts in Oz are you?

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    Sounds like the "traction control" may be kicking in?

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    In W.A. mate south of Perth, left my ski with Fremantle Yamaha as they seem to have a good rep, but i guess we will see.
    It just annoys me that these dealers dont know any more than what you tell them, and all they can really do is organise finance for you.......!

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    it could be the cdi (electrical) but i doubt it, if you can get your hands on anohter cdi box you could swap them and find out.

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    wilmarine are pretty good I'm sure they'll get it sorted..

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