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    Ignition problem with 96 Raider 1100

    I have a 96 Raider 1100, I rebuilt the engine last year. It has GPSed at 64mph. I have had a hard time with fuel supply. I put on a Holley electric fuel pump. The ski was pulling great up top, but before I got a chance to GPS it I lost fire to the middle cylinder. I think it must be the CDI. Anyone have any suggestions? If it is the CDI I would like to find someone selling a used one.

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    more information on the ski? 64 gps is fast for any waveraider......what have you got done to it?

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    Ported cylinders, shaved head, reshaped combustion chambers, boysen reeds, port hight adjustment, carb work, modified intake grate, Etc.

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    There are tests for all the other parts in the ignition. I would do these before ordering a cdi. jmo

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