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    coupler disengaging

    I have a 1995 sts that runs great. I had it out the other day and near the end of the day it stopped moving. The engine still ran but the shaft wasn't moving. When I ot it home, I removed the cover where the coupler is and saw that the shaft had shifted so far back that it just wasn"t connecting. The drive shaft moves back and forth easily. What holds it in place. Probably a stupid question but I just started working on these. Thanks for any help.


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    bearing failed in vane housing and allows shaft and impeller to shift in housing

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    engine plate

    Just to chime in real quick but I worked on one like that nothing wrong with bearings in pump I had rebuilt the engine and accidently put the engine mount plate on backwards and it made the engine set to far forward and it would come apart. I don't know if your engine has been out or not but just wanted to share my screw up with you!!


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    Thanks for the share G. Shiz happens...

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