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    Loss of Power on SL 750

    I recently put a used engine in my sl 750. When installed the engine had 130-132-135 for compression. This weekend took ski out for the first time. Ski ran good for approximately 3 hours then ski loss power. I installed new plugs but still will only rev to 3600 rpm in the water. Out of the water it will rev to 6500 rpm. I bypassed the fuel selector switch and still no luck. However I noticed that my fuel filter is not staying full actually it only has a little gas in it. I am going to check the compression again tomorrow to verify everything is good there. Fuel pump has a single output on it but is split and is connected between the 1 and 2 carbs and 2 and 3 carbs. Thanks in advance.

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    sounds like the screens in the fuel tank are clogged

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