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    Starting Issue Got 12volts Why Wont It Start

    Push The Start Button Just Get Clicking So Put Jumper Cables On It Starts With No Problem Pull Battery Out And Shows 12v With Multimeter Wtf!!! Thought Maybe It Was A Problem With The Button Not Getting Good Connection But Like I Said Once You Jump It Off It Starts With No Problem Help Please Very Pissed

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    Volts are only half the need sufficent cranking amps (CA and CCA). I run across automotive batteries every day that show over 12 volts...but when load tested only have a fraction of the rated CCA's.

    Get a fresh battery, that you know has been correctly charged (2 amps), and I will bet you that your problems disappear!
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    Just because your battery has 12 volts doesn't guarantee that it has the amperage required to turn over your engine. A load test will tell you if you have a bad cell, and, if that's the case, time for a new battery. You can try reading the voltage drop on your battery with your meter, while your hitting the starter button. A big drop and you probably have a bad battery. An auto parts store, or Batteries Plus, or similar will do the load test for you.
    Good luck. OBJ

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    3rd times charm. 12v dont mean chit.

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    Right, you need amperes to crank the engine, not volts... Ron

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    A fully charged battery should give 12.6+ volts...

    A no-load battery that only shows 12v after charge, is not good. With any load that will rapidly fall off.

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    May be your starter solenoid

    I had a similar problem. I replaced the battery because it was due but the problem remained so I swapped the solenoid with the one out of the other boat and it started right up.

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