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    Eratic display on information center.

    I have a 2001 GTX. While out on the Delaware River last weekend, the information on the gages started working eratically as in showing there was no fuel ( tank was full ), engine overheating, low oil pressure etc.. The display was blinking on and off for no apparent reason. The whole time this was happening, the ski ran perfectly and never missed a beat for the whole 40 miles back to the ramp. Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with the display gages. Thanks for you help.

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    Check the wires going to the display. My 97 had some of the wires getting a little oxidation on them. Cleaned, used Dielectric grease and works great.

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    The unit plugs into the mpem and most of the time someone has unplugged it and messed up plugging it back in then water gets in and stuff gets green. To see the green its easyer to dissasemble the plug and look for bad pins. Replace the real green ones

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