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    Help on winterizing XLL1200 and GP760

    Hey guys - I hate to start thinking about this already, but I am trying to determine what steps I need to take to winterize my 2000 XLL1200 and 99 GP760. I have read about antifrezee in the flushing hole, fogging oil in the spark plug holes and low tank of gas w/stabalizer. Just want to ask the experts if this is all I need to to or what other steps I should take. Northern Indiana sucks in the winter!!


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    I am from No. IN too... I flush, Run Antifreeze untill it flows out (marine stuff, not antomotive) then fog until it dies. I drop a teaspoon of oil in each cly and make sure there is NO water in the hull.I try to keep the fuel as low as possible. I am running pre-mix so no oil tank, but if you are, I'd run that out too... If you do a search, I am SURE there is a detailed list.

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