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    Top speed run tonight

    Hey everyone, this is my first post to this site. I picked up a Seadoo 200 430hp. I read this site alittle and shorten the intake side to the s/c by just taking the elbow off of the s/c and turning them up and putting a filter on the end of the elbow. Also I took off the resonators and put a piece of straight stainless steel pipe in there. Made the boat sound totally different and the blowers are alot louder. I love it now. I was able to hit 63 mph on gps with just these mods. I wanna get to the upper 60's without doin to much to it. Would goin with a different prop make that much of a difference? What kinda of gains are people seeing with a better pitched prop for more speed.


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    I have heard that the new impellers with a 14/19 pitch are decent and you can gain 1-2mph with the right water conditions. I have also heard that the 15/20 is good too but is better with more mods. Be sure to swap out the SC ceramic washers if you already haven't. I am have recently went throught the headache of the well known "washer failure".
    VX1 seems to have a lot of great info on mods that work so maybe he will drop in and say something too.
    good luck with the boat .
    Oh and by the way 63 mph is sweet man !! I think to gain a whole lot more you will have to change out the SC wheels and maybe go with external IC's

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    Upgrade Your S/c Washers

    Congrats on a great boat!! Be sure to research the supercharger washer issue ... stock superchargers on these boats fail by fragmenting which causes catastrophic damage and down-time. Your washers need to be upgraded ASAP if you haven't already done so.

    While you're doing that (washers), look into a new supercharger impeller ( or new supercharger all together) that will give you more boost. That mod will most certainly give you a few more mph over stock & over where you are now.

    Mods beyond that will cost quite a bit more $ and require more "symbiotic" mods (i.e. external intercooler + fuel regulators + fuel injectors + ecu ... )

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    I remember a time when I first got my boat that I felt overwhelmed by the decision of which prop to go with, because there seemed to be a lot of choices, but there's really not. The main prop manufacturer is Solas; if you visit their site, it looks like there are so many different types, but really, only one is made for the Sea-Doo 159mm pump, and that's the 4-blade Solas Concord. Your pitch choice is easy too, and is really dependent on the horsepower you're producing. The choices are:

    Solas Concord 13/18 - much better acceleration than the OEM prop, but you'll lose about half a MPH on top. You would only use this on a stock to stage one craft.
    Solas Concord 14/19 - somewhat better acceleration than OEM, a little better on top. A stock boat running in cold water (under 65F) could run this, otherwise you need to be stage 1 to stage 2.5. Stage 1 could be just a 4" air intake.
    Solas Concord 15/20 - you need big HP to turn this, we're talking stage 2.5 with a Rude. If you have the HP, this will give you the acceleration of the 14/19, with much more room for speed on top.
    Solas Concord 15/22 - forget about it. Will only be possible with a full stage 3+ or a 2.5 pushing over 13# boost.

    The only other choice seems to be a Skat-Trak/Riva 3-blade. Compared to the Solas Concord 4-bladers, the 3-blades are stronger down low, but weaker closer to WOT. I've tested these too:

    Skat 14/19 3-blade - Really need to have almost stage 2 power to turn this properly, which would be an external intercooler and/or upgraded SC wheel.
    Skat 15/19 3-blade - Definitely need to be stage 2 or higher to use this. Killer acceleration, but willl land you 1 - 2mph less than a 4-blade on top.

    Sounds like the right choice for you is the Solas 14/19. Be prepared to learn how to pitch a prop, because you will probably need to repitch one of them to get your RPMs in sync at WOT.

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    Very good write up VX1....thanks for that...!

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