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    Boost and AFR gauges

    Hey guys

    The ski is 08 RXP-X and its already has Riva stg1 right now and im ready to order :-

    137 Engine Tech drop-in supercharger impeller with 3mm spacer
    RRPR necessary which includes fuel pressure gauge.
    60lb injectors:
    Riva 4" Rear air Intake:
    Riva Rear exhaust system:
    Rotax Racing ECU 8800
    RIVA Valve Train Upgrade
    Riva relocation intercooler kit
    lighr weight ferrea valves
    15/22 prop

    I'm littel concern coz it is my first time going to that level and im thinking to get AFR and boost gauges but i need some ideas regarding how install the guages correclty...Is it easy job?

    Any recommendations/suggestion r welcome regarding the mods also

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    I use the dynotune gauges. They are easy to install and come with complete instructions.

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    The problem with bothering to install an AFR gauge is that it would be blank most of the time. With the wet environment of our exhausts, you can't leave an O2 sensor in for too long before it will go bad (and have you priced those things?). It's best just to leave it in for an hour or so, while you're taking your AFR readings at various RPMs, then just put the plug in the bung after that.

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    Jerry: Thanks

    VX1: Sound it not worth it... I mean the AFR gauge

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreakRXP1200 View Post
    Jerry: Thanks

    VX1: Sound it not worth it... I mean the AFR gauge
    It is worth it and almost a must if you are running high boost and need to tune in fuel needs. It is one of those expensive but needed electronics that you use once ever change of the seasons or change of mods.

    But as VX1 stated, get the AFR reading done and get the sensor out of the ski asap. I am on my 2nd sensor and depending on what day it is and if the moon is lined up with sun right depends on how long it wants to give me some accurate numbers. Those sensors and our exhaust systems dont like each other.
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    Right, checking your AFR IS important, but installing a permanent gauge is unnecessary; just use the meter's handheld console while tuning.

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    get an EGT sensor, it will be better then an AFR meter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Autosport View Post
    get an EGT sensor, it will be better then an AFR meter
    ahhhh, how is EGT better than AFR on a 4 stroke?
    other than the fact that you can leave the EGT permanently in the exhaust the AFR is more useful for tuning. or am I missing something?

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    What about this

    RXP-X Exhaust Manifold X-Tender/O2 Sensor Mount Kit - Now Available

    The R&D High Performance Exhaust Manifold Extender with O2 Mount Kit is a creative and unique product that was designed and developed while testing the R&D Superclutch and new R&D high performance compressor wheels. The Sea-Doo supercharger and exhaust systems parts and “J” pipe are extremely difficult to get to and handle when they are extremely hot, and the exhaust systems “J” pipe that must be removed can be tricky on a hot or cold engine. R&D needed to be able to remove and replace the supercharger in five minutes to be able to test products back to back in a timely manner, as well as the same day for accurate testing data. The R&D Exhaust X-Tender Kit allows the exhaust to be extended 2 inches which will move the water muffler back 2 inches creating enough room to be able to change out a supercharger (Hot) in 5 minutes. No more hassling with extremely hot exhaust pipes, water mufflers and V-band clamps! An additional bonus is the oxygen sensor mount incorporated into The X-TENDER, allowing quick and easy installation of an AFR gauge (air/fuel ratio) for properly tuning the X Poweplant. The X-Tender kit installs easily using an additional OEM V-band clamp. Install the R&D Exhaust X-TENDER kit in place and never hassle a supercharger change out again. Once installed and used you will wonder why the factory didn’t build it this way! The R&D X-TENDER is manufactured from the highest grade stainless steel exhaust material available. The R&D kit will install directly to all RXT/RXP/GTX supercharged model Sea-Doos using O.E.M. BRP hardware.

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