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    Invalid Safety Lanyard?

    I have an 05 SeaDoo RXT that I haven't ridden for a few weeks due to the crappy summer we're having here. When I tried to start it today, I got one beep and the information display read "KEY". The owner's manual indicates that this is an "invalid safety lanyard" but this is the key I always use. I got the same message when I tried the learning key. What gives?
    I checked the voltage of my battery and it reads 9.9 volts. Could this be the problem?

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    Definitely need to charge your battery. As far as the key goes, possibly a bad DESS post or maybe you just need them reprogrammed at the dealer. Either way, make sure you have a good, charged battery or it will make all trouble shooting worse.

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    clean out the key and try again if that doesnt help charge thr battery some.
    the same thing just happened to me, and it was a weak battery for me

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    I bet your keys need to be re-programmed. If it sits without the battery charged sometimes it forgets what it is.

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