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Thread: Is this Real

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    Is this Real

    I just found this on ebay, everybody fights for more hp and torque is this thing for real?

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    The subject comes up from time to time here. If it's too good to be true....

    Don't be somebody's sucker.

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    This type of scame is all over E-bay. Did you know that you can by a $20 plug and play ecm off there that gives you 30 hp and gets you 20+mpg
    Don't even bother with that crap. Like VX1 said. if it's too good to be true...
    Always be carful with cheap piggy back systems like this. It is very hard to gain 15-30 hp from just a ecm piggy back system. From what I can see it messes with the air fuel ratio and the air temp sensor. I don't know what kind of boat you have but if it is SC than you really don't want something adjusting the a/f ratio because it is very important that it doesn't run too lean. And really this is the only way I can see any gains at all. Sounds like it will trick the factor ecm to think that it is getting cooler air thus denser air. This in turn will lean out the system gaining minimal HP. maybe 2-3 hp but if not regulated properly could be very expensive. Once it leans out the a/f ratio it likley retards the timing. this can cause all kinds of problems if not done correctly. Like detonation. And later burn out your rings. you would be better off looking into a factory tuned ecm like the one available from

    Just my $.02

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