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    Question Doing Circles And Tricks Dangers?

    Ok two days go me and 2 others on gpr 1200 all 2000 to 2002 where playing around doing circles one after the next about 30 feet away from each other trying to make a cool looking worl pool (dont ask why) all have d plates all well taken care off. Some one else came up on us told us not enought water gets into the engine and this could be harmfull to the motor because of the angle we were in I would say the outside of our skies were at a 60 degree angle maybe more maybe less at the times and i want to see what you guys think.

    Also as we are on topic if your going at a rate of speed lets say 40 or so miles per hour and you wipe the ski and steering in a different derections to do like a 290 or a 320 the rpms go up fast and it hits the ref limiter is that super bad for it if its just for 10 seconds or less? what would all this do.

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    I've been told that if you are continually spinning in circles, the engine does not get enough cooling water in thru the pump and it heats the engine up. Also, cavitating the prop like that is a good way to burn up your pump and prop..

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    It is harder on the machine running it like your talking about, no doubt..
    But as long as you use your head, come off the limiter when it hits and don't spend a TON of time doing it you'll be fine..

    I dork around once in awhile too at low speeds and hard turns... My kids love to see if I can toss them off..

    Just make sure you use your head and keep an eye on what/who's around you..

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    its all about having fun..

    Try keep it off the limiter and release the throttle when the prop starts to cavitate..

    I pretty much do that constantly, and ive never had an issue.

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