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    I sucked up some rocks, now no power!

    Well if there was a time I wasn't paying attention it was last weekend. I launched my boat "06 Sea doo Challenger 180" and the ramp I launched off was low and I didn't notice... So you can think what happened next when I started it. I got it out in open water but when I went to try and increase throttle the rmps kind of sky rocketed and the boat wouldn't really go. I took it in to the sea doo place and they are saying with my 'extended warranty' I'm looking at around $1400 to replace the wear ring and propeller and a few other little things. People I have talked to just told me to replaced those two things myself and I should be back in business.. I am not sure, any ideas? Or is it really hard to replace those items?

    Thank you for any help you might have.

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    Normally replacing those components is an easy DIY job...

    But I'm not familiar with the jetdrives they put on the 4Tec's so perhaps it's a bigger deal. On a 2-stroke Rotax or Mercury SportJet replacing the impeller and wear ring is about an hour's work if you've done it before, perhaps two hours if it's your first time. Easy driveway work with standard tools except for the special impeller tool ($11 for Rotax, a bit more for Mercury).

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    You should be able to replace those yourself.

    Just do a search on this site to get the directions and make sure you have all the tools. You should be able to order most of the parts from this site as well.

    Good Luck!!!

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    By the way do you guys know what part or model # I need for the wear ring? I believe the impeller is the Solas SRX-CD-14/19R just wasn't sure about the wear ring. Also I know I need the impeller tool but can you think of anything more I need to order? Last ? I promise. Thanks again.

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    I did the same a few weeks back on my 150 Speedster, cost $600 to fix.

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