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    I have a 1991 Wave Runner LT with the 650 engine. I did a little swapping around and need to know the items that some of the wire colors go to.
    There are two plugs that are exact. The 3rd plug, I thought only affected the gage cluster from the newer ski I took the electricals off of, but it appears that I have possibly two wires that will be the tether cord.
    The color wires in question at the plug are red, black, green and brown.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Oh, the other two plugs that connected right up were the starter switch and the stop button...thanks for all your help in advance.

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    Are you sure its not a Waverunner LX? I have a 1990 LX, I could have a look at those wires on mine and see if I could follow them to where they go on mine for you. Let me know.


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    Thanks for the quick reply.......To be honest, it's two different machines put together. The one I removed the engine and mag from, had a info center, this one doesn't. So, I figured that was all those wires went to.

    The standard plugs that do fit, is the 2 wire, black and red and the 2 wire brown and white (I think). The other plug that I thought went to the info center only is red, black, green and brown.

    The older ski (LX) had the square type electrical box on it. This one has the rectangular box on it.

    The black and red give me 12 vdc when I use my meter. The green and brown have no voltage. I'm wondering if those two wires are tether cord wires...........

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    I'm a little confused now. You have the electrical system out of a newer ski that is not a 1991 LX in the 1991 LX, right? It sounds like you need to know 2 things. One being what color wires go to the kill switch on the 1991 LX hull (I'm assuming you have left the wiring from the kill switch down into the hull alone) and the other being what are the green and brown wires on the electrical system from the newer ski supposed to be used for? I can take a look at my 1990 and probably get a look at what color wires come off the kill switch. Let me know if you need me to.


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    look for the diagram for a wra650..

    brown and red are on the two wire connector for the starting switch..

    the black and white are the engine stop switch...

    on the four wire connector...
    green is a rectifier/regulator feed
    red is spliced off the red start wire..
    black is spliced off the black stop wire...
    brown is spliced off the brown stop switch wire...

    red is power +12v
    brown is starter engage
    white is cdi 'kill/off' feed
    green is regulator feed (amp meter or lite)
    black is ground

    off the meter, there are two more wires that feed from the fuel sender...

    white with blue stripe or dashes...

    hope this helps you out!!

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