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    Limit mode problems please help F12X 2004

    I have a customers 2004 f12x and is having electrical problems. The ski was ran without the plug and water got 3/4 up the side of the block as they told me but who really knows the truth. The ski runs and cranks fine. The problem is when you rev the engine up and finger the throttle the limit mode will come on and off. It doesnt stay on or stay off on the dash kiinda like a short somewhere because change in the vibration of revving cuts it on and off. When you ride the ski it wont get above the limit rpms which i think is like 3000 no matter if you play with the throttle or not. But when you come back to an idle or play with the throttle the limit mode disply on the dash comes on and off. As i try to cut it on and off by holding the mode button down it doesnt affect it. I have tried unhooking the switch under the hood and it has no effect so i dont think it is actually the switch under the column. Is there a way to completely disable it where it wont effect the computer? Do you think it is the display or ecm problem. I bet water got up to the ecm. Any help would be great thanks guys.

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    I'm gonna guess an electrical short... check all the connectors, both the connections and the wire going into each one. Make sure you're making good ground. Something has gotten corroded from the water. It may have even been corroded before the sinking. Also, have you drained the possibly contaminated fuel and changed the oil, and are you having any codes?

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    limit mode

    I have changed the liquids. i havent had any other problems until yesterday i took it outside to try it again and just cranked it fo a second without water and the dang thing wouldnt respond to the stop button or pulling the lanyard. I hooked water to it real fast and the unpluged the main relay hookup to get it to cut off. I am just going over every connection to check and clean but it is stumping me. The ecm on the side of the hull i am sure was under water. Just trying to see if the problem may be inside the ecm and not in the plugs. Thansk Tim

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    The ECM initiates the limit mode. If the keypress of the mode does not kill the limit mode, then the contact pad in the dash or the ECM is bad.

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