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    08 GPR needs more power! with warranty

    I want to add a good amount of power without trashing my warranty. I want to avoid buying parts twice. I thought about buying a second head and having it cut, but if I wait untill next year I can just have mine cut. I thought about adding a 3deg key, but this look like a real pain to install. Sonic booms same deal buying parts 2x. I think VF3 reeds may be the answer. I just installed a fuel controller last night so I already have that. If I need to take it in for warranty work I can put the stock reeds back in.
    What do you guys think?

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    I think you should wait on your motor mods until your warranty is up. Most dealers/Yamaha will void out a warranty if they see anything that is not stock on the motor. I believe this includes the controller as well.

    Start by getting your ski to run awesome with bolt on mods and some tuning. You will be amazed on how much of a difference this will make.

    1st get a ride plate and intake grate. I suggest a Riva plate that you can later send to Jim and a Riva GP1200R intake grate. You will gain some top speed and your hook up will be so much better in any chop. I am not sure how the dealers feel about sealing your pump shoe. I dont think that would void any parts of your warranty. But sealing your pump shoe is a must.

    Check all cables and adjust accordingly. You would be amazed how off your throttle cable and trim cable could be from the factory. Adjust the rideplate and intake grates to sit flush and even.

    Also you could change your impeller, but with the motor mods your looking to do, I would probably wait and get one impeller then.

    Just some quick thoughts, but there is plenty to do before you dig into your motor the day your warranty runs out.

    Good Luck

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    Kinda the same dilemma I'm in, but with the extended warranty I have to wait 5 years...(maybe) I wonder what they would say about Leo's holeshot kit

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    if i were you i would do the following first up before you touch the motor.

    1. reinforce the pump tunnel
    2. step your sponsons
    3. get a modded r&d plate off jim or carl
    4. get an r&d 1200 dual bar grate
    5. seal and set your pump shoe correctly

    you will be able to get close to 70 with just those mods if setup correctly and wont void warrenty.

    then when your warrenty runs out go to town with the mods.

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    Thanks for the sugestions. I have already done everything on your list except the prop & I plan to wait on that. I dont want to over prop it. The EFI unit comes right out, the dealer cannot tell it was ever there. You are right about the throttle cable adjustment, it got me almost 100 rpms. Cutting the trim on the right side was worth almost 100 more, big suprise. I'm not just looking for top speed, "I want it all!" Maybe I should add some flo-rites to the list. I would like to measure the vaccum in the hull at full throttle, I need to find a pig-tail for the map sensor I have sitting here.

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    My dealer told me that bolt-ons are fine, I think he was refering to hull mods and not the motor. I consider a head a bolt-on but I don't think the dealer would see it that way.

    Leo's kit should be fine.

    I should have provided a list of the thing I have already done, but the topic was "more power with warranty." I want something that adds significant power but can be removed for a trip to the dealer & I don't want to buy parts 2x.

    Keep the ideas coming.

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