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    honda f-15x break-in

    how many hours to break in the engine,and whats the procedure

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    Follow your owners manual.


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    Post up a review of the 'ski once you have it broken in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-ME View Post
    Post up a review of the 'ski once you have it broken in.

    And some pics...

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    photos are up on our website..

    Honda's new hull are a big improvement over the previous model.
    It now plows thru chop but not as much as the 250Xs. It handles chop better than HOs and SHOs. As it was already mentioned many times before, the ride is quite dry compared to the ultras. The ultras though still has superior hookup on rough seas. Honda feels lighter and more nimble than the ultras, shos and HOs.

    For those who likes to ride open waters over long distances but
    want a bit more power, the F15X is the top contender. It can do 100 miles per full tank(70 liters) on 2 to 3 feet conditions cruising at 35 to 40 mph
    with a couple of WOT runs.

    Reliability-wise, time will tell..

    Typical of HOnda, attention to detail and build quality both outside and inside the engine bay are second to none.


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