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    01 virage tx through hull fitting

    I've read the various posts about the plastic through the hull fitting where the shaft goes through. My fitting came loose (probably caused by a rope that we wrapped around the shaft the previous week) and the pwc nearly sunk in the middle of the Potomac! We survived, cleaned everything up, replaced solenoid, runs great, etc. The fitting however was stripped out so we tried sealing it back in place with what was handy (waterproof masonry sealant - probably not the best solution). The fitting still leaks some. Am I wasting my time trying to seal the fitting in place? What type of sealant should I use? Do I need to just install a new one (I'm assuming the fitting is stripped out, not the hull)?

    thanks for your help.

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    That is an important part not to leak as you found out. I would replace it.

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    All the parts (11, 12, 13) are about $26 at Babbitts, but there is a special tool that is used to tighten the fitting into the plastic nut.

    11 SKU: 5432298 HSG,SHAFT,THRU-HULL,O-RING $17.12
    12 SKU: 5411174 O-RING $2.97
    13 SKU: 5431985 NUT,SHAFT HSG. $5.70

    You might be able to get away with using a strap wrench to tighten it, just don't damage the surface where the rubber tube connects.

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    Thanks for the advice.

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