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    sea-doo challenger/speedster - polaris/fuji conversion

    I'm very interested in purchasing a Sea-Doo boat, prefered a smaller rotax 2 stroke type but the propaganda I'm reading about MPEM availability and all associated troubles with keeps turning me off.

    has anyone considered/attempted a conversion on one of these boats so I can have a realistic discussion about doing my own?

    I'm not sure if I'd have clearance in the hull for a new motor mount to hold something like a 780 Fuji (or a pair of them if I selected a twin engine boat) and keep the PTO shaft at the right height, nor have I considered the driveshaft issues, but the concept of a simple fuji triple as an alternative to a rotary valve Rotax is quite appealing.

    I'd have no problem swapping out the associated electronics from a second slx in addition to mine into a speedster hull.


    (Oh, BTW - I have seen the pics of the Mazda 13B conversion).
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