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    How do you test ignition parts on a Raider?

    My '96 Raider 1100 isn't firing on the middle cylinder. Does anyone know how to test the ignition parts with a multi-meter to find the problem? Any advice would be helpful.

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    From inside the electrical box, use a multimeter to test the resistance of the pulser coil leads coming from behind the front cover. Test the wht/red and black, wht/blk and black, and wht/green and black. They all should read between .248 to .372 ohms. Any one of them outside the range, the pulser coil setup needs to be replaced. If they test out good, check the spark plug cap by removing from the wire by turning counter-clockwise. Check for resistance of .004 to .006 ohms. If it tests good, trim the spark plug wire back 1/4 inch and replace cap by screwing clockwise. If not, replace the cap. This should give you a jumpstart.

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    Thanks much for the info. That gives me a place to start.

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