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    Ding and Scratches on hull

    Hey guys,
    Just came back from the 3 day weekend ....friends rode my Seadoos and they hit each other and now my RXT has a good scratch / ding on it...I can see the white fiberglass, lucky its not that big, but noticeable if you look at the tail end of the seat

    Whats the best repair kit to use to fix the small dings on the bottom of my RXT?

    Is the Evercoat Fiberglass Repair Kit any good?


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    Yeah I wouldn't mind hearing the replies on this one too. My ski needs some touch-ups as well. I did some reading through here but little success with options. So far the best I have been able to find is to use a two part epoxy putty stick to fill in anything you think needs it, then use some precolored gelcoat to finish it. Or maybe even paint the putty patch and clear gelcoat over top. But if there are any better ideas out there, then you have my attention as well.

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    Might not go with your subject but if your going to touch up the paint after you fill in any scratches or whatnot, Ive found that appliance paint works the best for blending.. specially black...

    Ive touched up many little scratches above and below the water line and the touch up paint has not faded or warn off

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    Ding and Scratches on hull

    I repaired a 7" deep scratch on the hull that you can't see unless I show you where it is. Go to These are the guys that supply to SEADOO. Give them the model and year and they will match the color. I called them and they were very helpfull. My scratch was also down to the glass, and was on top. I was docked at a boat dock and got caught underneath. It was ugly! I took my time and filled the scratch 3 times to completion. Good luck.

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    hmmm..thanks let me try the Gelcot Kit for 26.00$ ...not a bad deal if it can repair a small ding I have


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    !!! the damn Gelcoat kit is 26$ and shipping is 21$ ....what a major ripoff for shipping at the website

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    Moral of the story, don't let your friends ride your stuff. I would not complain about the price but I would ask your friend how they want to pay for it cash or check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guduf4u View Post
    !!! the damn Gelcoat kit is 26$ and shipping is 21$ ....what a major ripoff for shipping at the website
    I hate it when companies try to rip you off on shipping - I refuse to do business with them.

    Concerning the Evercoat Kit, I purchased one from West Marine to repair the top deck on my 2006 RXP and I was pretty happy.

    The color (black) is off by a shade or two but it you don't notice the repair area unless you're looking for it.

    I remember reading another thread concerning gel coat repair several weeks ago. There's another company that offers repair kits that have recieved good reviews from Greenhulk members - I think the name is Spectrum Color?

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