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    Engine Alignment Help 657x

    Alright, someone has to have a trick for aligning a 657x motor in an x4 w/o removing the pump and using an expensive alignment tool.

    Please let me know if you can help me before I spend the money on an alignment tool.

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    you don't really have a x4 hull, not if a 657 came in it but similar looking hull -ohh the 95 spx is what your doing??

    if you are in nashville, tn - pm me, remove pump and come over and i have a tool.

    if you are not near me, rent a tool or buy one if you plan to use it a lot.

    people think i'm nuts, but if you clean ALL the grease out of pto and shaft splines, when you have it aligned shaft will have the slightest play in all directions when right- you have to clean ALL the grease out, align motor being very anal, bolt down, check, pull pump out and regrease shaft. shure you could squirt it in the zerk fitting dry but you will not have good coverage like you would removing pump again and lubing.

    best to find a tool or get to the point of needing and let a local service shop do it. make sure you tell the tech if splines are stripped within the next 50 hours you will beat his arse with your stripped shaft.

    good luck with the doo

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    sbt you can rent the tool

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