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    Question for all you professional/non professional techs.

    Question for all you professional/non professional techs.
    What are some of the first things you do to get water out of a flooded engine?

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    remove the sparkplugs and intake then crank it over.

    Try searching there are threads dealing with getting a sunkin ski running again.

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    Just keep changing the oil until the there is no water at all present. It could take up to 5 times to get rid of all the water.

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    Pulling the intake will help. Water gets in there like crazy.

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    why they didnt put a drain bung on the bottom of the intake manifold like kawis i will never know as if you dont remove and drain it when you get the motor started it will idle and then you rev it it sucks up a gut full of water and risks hydrolocking and damaging things
    otherwise changing oil a few times then riding for a good amount of time so the oil gets very hot and the moisture burns off.

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    Install a Bilge pump, Hopefully it will never happen again. After the flooded engine thread, I think the "Bilge Pump Thread is your next thread stop." Look for Larry, call sign "Lafax"...He's got a very good Info and the right stuff up to a "T" including experience on this. he is a good guy and always willing to help out a fellow GH member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonze View Post
    why they didnt put a drain bung on the bottom of the intake manifold like kawis
    They put (2)1 way valve on the stock air intake that is located in a type of a catch can scenario. Water will seek its lowest point, thanks to "Gravity" Seadoo has it's mind in "H P" than that option

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    Read this thread it should help you out:

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