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    new RXP-X speedometer not working on my machine

    Maybe i'n not the only one with that peroblem.
    After my old speedo from RXP-X took water and damaged,i bought a new stock one from RIVA OEM parts and when i'm tring to connect it with my machine it's giving me the P1315(or1513) alarm,check engine and other T487 something... and the jet is not starting.When i unplug the speedo again it's starting and running normally as before.
    Can anyone help me with that?The local dealer can nor reprogram it with the BUDS,don't know why...

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    can they get connected at all with buds there was an issue that after the ski had done an hour or more the buds would not connect unless you unplug the cluster then connect to buds and then plug cluster back in. they need to follow the instructions in buds to replace and match the cluster to the ecu or it wont work.

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    the initial problem of your gauge cluster taking water? havent heard of that. thats not cool...wait - what about warranty? that seems like a warranty item...

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