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    92 GTX overheating How to check coolant intake

    I recently acquired a 92 GTX. The guy said the was overheating after about 500 yards. I checked the oil pump and a line was dissintegrating so I switched to premix while there. I have also checked all the coolant lines. The small exhaust coolant line at the bottom of the manifold was clogged. I cleaned this out as well the clog that was inside the manifold at that elbow site. But I can't imagine this small amount of water if not flowing would cause engine to overheat. Air can be blown through all the intake and exhaust coolant lines now without any problems. I can put the hose on the ski and run the water backwards and it flows and runs seemingly fine.

    I had read somewhere to check at the impeller to ensure the oring was intact or no water would be pumped to the engine. Can someone explain what I need to do to check. I want to check everything prior to taking to the water cause it takes several hours to get there and I dont want it to be a 5 minute trip if its not pumping.


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    Sounds like you found the problem. It doesnt take much water to cool 60 hp when its aluminum and the water is cold and the amount is unlimited..
    2 hour drive I would have gotten a new one.... If you converted to premix there are things you need to do to make sure it doesnt damage the crank or go lean. You should have just got the right hose and fixed it. IMO
    The pump you have has no oring it has a nipple screwed ito the pump and a hose on the nipple. Just hook it up to the hose and if water is coming out of the pump, Exaust and pissers then you can be resonably sure it will be ok

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