Yesterday I did a little testing. The old numbers peak rpm 7200 peak speed 64.8 mph. The new numbers 7270 & 66.2.

The weather was a cool 68 deg., I'm sure that helped. The peak rpm cold was 7270 & 7240 hot. Then I unlatched the seat & scooted it back a little giving the motor more air. The peak rpm went back to 7270 with a hot motor. It looks like it may be time for some flo-rites.

I learned that gapping iridium plugs @ 34 will cost you 30 rpm. Don't ask why I gapped them like this. If fixed that quickly though.

I had also plugged the vis spout & installed a Riva EFI. I adjusted the low speed fueling for a little better holeshot. I'm not sure the EFI controller helped or for it was the weather but the holeshot was great!

Hope this hepls someone.