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    89 550 only 1/8 throttle

    i just bought this ski. i rebuilt the motor 1mm over, milled the head, has factory pipe on it. supertrapp waterbox. just a 44bn with k and n. i dont know if its a lack of fuel or what but when i get on it, it get me up then will bog. it was hard starting aswell so i advanced the timing completly is that ok. when it boggs i will squirt my primmer and then it picks up. do i need to go to a sbn44?

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    try pulling the choke. if it runs better, you need more fuel. larger carbs or bigger jets. Check your wash how do the domes look


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    possible u either have restrictions in carbs or bad diaphram in fuel pump. if pulling out on choke will make it pick up then problem definitely is one of the two.

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