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    Question SL 650 Troubleshoot help

    i had been out on rough water for a good 45 min. I had it wide open when suddenly bogged down. Did not die, just bogged way down to about 5mph. Did the simple checks at the time and started up no prob but would not go over 5 mph. when give throttle it wants to die. pull choke it did die. ok, i have gone through fuel system since i was a little low on fuel at the time it happened. everything checks out fine. also checked compression all is good. fuel lines, pump etc, all good. sparkplugs changed, still have same problem. somebody tell me what to check next.

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    Check the jet pump area for junk.

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    I don't know if it'll help but have a look through my "Modded SL650" thread. I haven't had time to get to the bottom of it yet but there may be some ideas in there for you. Mine does something similar, it'll idle all day and even run a little off idle but it lays down when you try to open it up and just bogs along at 5mph or so.


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    How do the plugs look?
    How strong is the spark?
    Any water in the fuel/water seperator?
    Any water in the elec box?
    Quick check of timing may show a busted woodruff key?

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