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    Mikuni Pop-Off pressure?

    I recently rebuilt my Mikuni BN-401(SB) carbs (1996 Sea Doo GSX). The manual calls for pop-off pressure to range between 23-43 psi. My pressures were consistent with both carbs reading at 28 psi.

    I know I'm within range but should I be concerned with my readings being on the lower end of 23-43 psi.?


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    your good, ride it and see. your location will have a slight affect but since i do not see where you are from - go ride.

    worse case you will be just a tad fat at transition and you would just need a little more air to clean it up - like rip the fine middle screen out of the screen sandwich and it would clear it up. that is easy to do at lake and better then bending your N/S arm

    the only way to run a stock air box on a 717 or 787 is to turn it into swiss cheese like groupK does.

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